Swaddling 101 with SwaddleDesigns

Today, we’re talking about swaddling – a baby that is.

First up, what exactly is swaddling?

Swaddling is an age old art of snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket for warmth, comfort and feeling secure.

Swaddle Designs Swaddle Blanket

Why is Swaddling Important?

Reduces Risk of SIDS

  • Evidence has shown, that swaddled back sleeping infants have lower incidence of SIDS than unswaddled back sleeping infants.
  • When babies sleep better on their backs, parents are less likely to lay baby down on their tummy – which is unsafe.
  • Swaddling also helps sleeping infants stay sleeping on their backs.

Swaddling Helps Babies Sleep Better

  • Swaddled babies tend to wake less at night, which allows them to get more REM sleep – believed to be important for brain development.
  • When babies sleep better and longer, YOU get more sleep too!

Reduces Colic and Fussiness

  • Snug swaddling helps to soothe babies, as it reminds them of being in the womb.
  • Swaddling also helps prevent over stimulation and less jerky movements that can startle him or her awake.
  • Babies gain self-comfort by sucking on fingers or hand if swaddled with hands near face.
  • Swaddling helps to keep infants comfortably warm, since infants are inefficient at regulating their own temperature.

Steps on How to Swaddle a Baby

How to Swaddle?

  1. Place your swaddling blanket on a flat surface in a diamond position in front of you.
  2. Fold the top corner down about 6 inches, and place baby in the center of the blanket with their neck at the fold.
  3. Starting on your left, bring the 1st corner over and tuck snugly behind baby.
  4. The bottom corner goes over baby’s left shoulder and behind baby’s back. The weight of the baby on the tucked under corners will help to keep the swaddle secure.
  5. Take the 3rd corner across and all the way around behind baby, tucking the tail of the blanket into the fold in the front.

How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddle Tips:

  • Avoid having the blanket touch baby’s cheek, this can stimulate baby’s rooting response and wake baby.
  • Ensure baby’s hips and knees are in a flexed froglike position inside the swaddle. Do not straighten or over extend your baby’s joints. Support baby in a natural position for proper joint development.
  • Every baby is unique. Ask your baby’s pediatrician about swaddling your baby.
  • SwaddleDesigns blankets are the only swaddling blankets with instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket. Moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers appreciate the instructions at their fingertips when they are learning how to swaddle.

SwaddleDesigns swaddle blankets are lightweight, airy, and breathable

I’m ready to swaddle baby!

Did you swaddle your newborn or infant?

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 SwaddleLite from SwaddleDesigns

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  1. My daughter LOVED being swaddled when she was a baby. She could not fall asleep without being wrapped snug as a bug in rug. At first I was horrible at it but by the first week I had mastered the perfect swaddle.

  2. OMG thank God for swaddling! My daughter loved the swaddle when she was an infant and I swear it made her sleep for longer stretches. I never understood how to do the swaddle and I always bought though velcro swaddlers!

    • We have a couple of those too, and they’re great. I do love how much lighter these are though! They’re be perfect for this Summer, even when we’re out and about too.

  3. We swaddled Gaby for close to a year before she was comfortable enough sleeping without being wrapped up. With my twins, when they were little, we actually swaddled them together. I am a HUGE advocate for swaddling babies. I know some babies loathe it, but for those who don’t, I think you should absolutely do it!

  4. swaddling saved our butts when we were new parents. and nice muslin swaddling blankets are part of ALL baby shower gifts we give!

  5. I have a 11 week old son who LOVES to be swaddled! He sleeps so much better than his older brother who hated it. Interesting article. thanks :)

    • I totally tried to take photos too, but they turned out horrible. Plus, the baby doll is tiny compared to a real baby. =P I’ll have to take some after baby is here.

  6. I never could quite get the hang of swaddling when my son was a newborn. They showed me how at the hospital, but I never could get it as tight as they could. I’d try and try again, but in the end I’d just wad the blanket all up around him. Thank goodness my swaddling skills weren’t an indication of my other mommy skills. :)

  7. I wish we would have had nice swaddle blankets like these when mine were smaller. It would have made it much easier for the hubs to get it right lol.

  8. We always swaddled. I used blankets similar to these but, because my husband could never get it right we bought him a special blanket that had Velcro and directions. lol

  9. This is terrific. Mothers see nurses do it in the hospital and then go home and can’t figure out why… It is like being in the womb.

  10. Yes- when my babies were little I did the swaddling and it was fantastic. That feeling of being nice, warm and in a tight space that reminded them of the womb worked great- especially those first few months.

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