Our Inexpensive Frozen Themed Mini Birthday Party

With baby due next weekend, I told my oldest that we could have a small party for her at our house. I didn’t want to risk putting a deposit on someplace, to lose it, and quite honestly I knew I wouldn’t have the energy either.

Since Frozen is hugely popular right now, I knew she’d want to do that theme for her party. Then we learned that the movie was going to be released last week, right before her birthday, and I was so excited to surprise her with it.

Frozen Birthday

It was hard to keep it from my girls, especially once the digital release came out. Then, my surprise was ruined when one of her friends (who came to her party) had told her that her and her mom had bought her the movie for her gift. Being hugely pregnant, and having planned it for a while, I was a little sad that she knew it was coming…but I surprised her anyways with it in the morning.

Anyways, we didn’t do anything crazy fancy or exciting, but just wanted to share our intimate Frozen themed party. I spent very little, as most everything was found on sale or I downloaded for free and printed at home. I’ll share the links below!

Our Inexpensive Frozen Themed Mini Birthday Party

For a light lunch, we had “snowflake” sandwiches using Wilton’s Snowflake Cookie Cutter, carrots were “Snowman Noses”, and drinks were “Frozen Punch”.

The punch I made was Food Family Finds’ “Under the Sea” Blue Raspberry Lemonade Sherbet Party Punch Recipe, except I couldn’t find the Kool-Aid mix anywhere, and ended up using one of those liquid water flavors that was blue.

Then the girls also had “snowflakes” (popcorn) during the movie. The food cards and straw flags are printables from here.

Inexpensive Frozen Themed Mini Birthday Party Food Ideas

I found the blue streamer, plates, and table cloth from Target for less than $5. The big Elsa/Anna balloon is from Amazon, then we just went to a local store to blow it up.

The Facts about Carleigh I actually made with PicMonkey, and the Elsa & Anna crowns and snowflake wands were printables from Strawberry Mommycakes.

Inexpensive Frozen Themed Mini Birthday Party

We ended the party with cupcakes and presents. The cupcakes were just Funfetti cupcakes (that she picked) with some blue food coloring. White frosting, blue Wilton sprinkles, and Frozen cupcake rings topped each of them.

Frozen themed Mini Birthday Party

Lastly, I purchased these cute Frozen Golden Books as favors, and used these gift tags and yarn to say, “Thanks for coming!”

Our Inexpensive "Frozen" Themed Birthday Party Favors

 Happy 7th birthday, to my beautiful Ice Princess!


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  1. My daughter turns 7 this year too. We will be having a FROZEN theme and I am so glad your wrote this post up. I love the idea of the FROZEN book as a favor. I pinned this one for later.

    • I’m not a fan of favor bags full of useless things and candy! We’ve done Strawberry Shortcake DVD’s ($3 each on Amazon) as favors, and Crayola paints for a Tangled party.

      • I also love the book idea, and will be doing a Frozen party for my soon to be 3 year old. Where did you end up purchasing the books? Thanks!

  2. This all came out so darn cute! I really liked the books as the Thank yous and favors.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! My daughter wants a Frozen party and I am the WORST at putting together parties. I’m terrible. But I love all the details you put together (the blue drinks was a fab touch)

  4. Love this! My girls’ birthdays are coming up in May and I’m surprised they haven’t asked for a Frozen themed party. They are obsessed with that movie.

  5. I love it!!! You make this all look so easy (and inexpensive) that I kind of want to have one just because lol. I finally just saw this movie for the first time 2 days ago… now my son keeps asking to see it again! Great job on the party!

  6. I have to tell you about the party I just attended with my daughter. It was a Frozen themed party and included some of the ideas here and from other blogs but a unique thing that the mom did was to find an Elsa and Anna look alike to portray Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from Disney’s new movie Frozen. These 2 girls (sisters in real life) from a company out of Atlanta called look alikes and Characters Entertainment, were spot on look alikes and absolutely gorgeous girls!! Another unique thing that these girls did is to come out and actually PERFORM!! I was floored! They were SOOOOO GOOD! First Elsa came out and performed Let it Go and then Anna came out to join Elsa in a duet and perform For the First Time in Forever. Then the girls lead some wonderful themed games and activities. Then they gave the whole group of party guest the chance to come up and sing ‘Let it Go’ with real music and microphones. I have never been so impressed as I was with these girls and this party. My daughter already has asked me about Elsa and Anna coming to their party in December. I can’t wait to start planning.

  7. Such a cute party! Would you be able to email the straw flags and topper you used for the drink cups? The link you have listed doesn’t have it anymore. Thanks!

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