5 Tips for Amazingly Healthy Skin

At a visit to my doctor a couple of years ago, the doctor told me something I will never forget. Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body, because it helps protect your body. It’s your body’s defense against nature and it’s toxins.

We all have different types of skin – from dry and itchy, to oily and smooth. But the key to staying healthy is keeping your skin not only looking good, but more importantly feeling great.

5 Tips for Amazingly Healthy Skin

5 Tips for Amazingly Healthy Skin

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Be sure to drink lots and LOTS of water. Not only will you notice a difference in your skin, but your whole body will thank you. Water is key to staying healthy, weight loss, and so much more.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep along with stress can lessen your skin’s main function – keeping the moisture in and harmful substances out. Getting the right amount of sleep is necessary in order for your body to produce the growth hormone responsible for cell reproduction and the restoration of skin elasticity. Plus, skin repairs itself best at night.

Eat the Right Foods

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants your body needs for cell repair and healthy skin. They also contain trace minerals and B vitamins that your body uses to create new cells.

An addition to fruits and vegetables, high-fiber foods help your body hold water, flush out toxins, and are the richest source of healthy-skin promoting nutrients. Also, whole grains have compounds used to make skin-firming collagen and elastin, beans supply antioxidants, and nuts and seeds are high in healthy fats to keep skin supple.

Healthy Food = Healthy Skin

Sunscreen is a Must

If you’re not already wearing sunscreen all the time, you really need to. The easiest way to apply sunscreen everyday is to purchase makeup and lotions that include it in their ingredients   Not only does it keep your skin staying healthy right now, but it also keeps your skin looking healthy for many years to come. Sun damage is a quickest way to get dull, leathery skin, plus Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the number-one cause of skin cancer.

Use the Right Skin Care Products

Different skin types have different needs. You should only use products that address those specific needs. For example, if you have dry skin, use rich moisturizing products that keep your face hydrated throughout the day. If you have more oily skin you should use lightweight oil-free products that do not add to your already oily skin.

Not exactly sure what your skin type is? Take the Eucerin Skindicator and receive a personalized product recommendation for your skin’s needs from Eucerin Skin First Dermatologists.

Eucerin Skin Products

*I was sent products to review, however no other compensation was received, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credits Eucerin & Flicker.


  1. Sadly, I tend to forget about my skin. …I also avoid the mirror during the day. Lol. Now that I am older and can see my 40’s getting closer and closer, I really need to take better care of it. Thanks for the tips. I am definitely better at getting the sunscreen on my children than myself.

  2. Totally agree with you on all these points… I have been wearing moisturizer with sunscreen for the last 25 years. I also drink a TON of water, I do have to work on my eating habits. =(
    My hubby swears by Eucerin, he wont leave the house or go a day without it.

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