Seven Pictures You Must Take on Your Trip to London

My aunt and cousins live in London, and it’s always been a dream of mine to visit one day. If we do make it over there, I will make sure we check out all of these great places to see, and capture ourselves.

Today’s guest blogger is Abhay Grossman, a contributing writer and travel photographer – who takes great pride in capturing the essence of any city he visits. To date, he has visited 16 different cities and has taken memorable photos of each one.

London hosts a near-endless amount of attractions and picturesque views. With so many photo ops available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the possibilities. It’s a great idea to take your camera with you everywhere you go—you never know when you’ll see something worth documenting. However, the dedicated photographer should take note of seven photographs that exemplify the historical significance, architectural greatness and overall magnificence of this city. These pictures will help you remember your trip to London for years to come.

The Seven Pictures Waiting To Be Taken

The following photos will fully capture London’s essence. Visit these attractions to snap the images, and additionally, use these suggestions to inspire your own unique photos.

1. The View from the Eye – The London Eye is a one-of-a kind observation wheel. It comprises 32 capsules that reach a maximum height of 135 meters on a constant, yet slow, rotation. The capsules are surrounded by glass, allowing for a 360-degree view of London. At maximum height, you can see 40 kilometers in all directions (on a clear day). Let your inner shutterbug run wild and capture the impressive landscape of this metropolis.

2. Posing With a Guard – The London Guard are famous for their redcoats and tall, fluffy black hats. Another characteristic is their ability to stand perfectly still despite distractions all around them. They are trained not to react to any distractions, which makes for some excellent photographs. You can pose however you’d like around them, without eliciting any reaction. These guards can be found all around London; especially around Parliament, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Do not touch them, however—they are still a security force and will react unpleasantly to physical contact.

3. Escaping From a Dinosaur – The Natural History Museum features a wide range of fascinating and permanent exhibits. They feature a collection of the biggest, tallest and rarest animals—both extinct and alive—from all over the world. Take a picture of yourself or traveling partner escaping from a Tyrannosaurus Rex or posing under the intimidating brontosaurus. There are hundreds of other opportunities around the museum. With free entry, this photograph cannot be missed.

4. Standing Next to Your Favorite Celeb – Madame Tussaud’s is a world-renowned wax figure museum. The skilled wax sculptors have created likenesses of celebrities (Aubrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga), the Royal Family (the Queen and Princes) and other notable historical figures (Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein). Keep plenty of room on your memory card or roll of film—with so many options, you’ll want to capture photos of them all.

5. In Front of the Tower of London – The Tower of London has a long and intricate history. It presently houses the Crown Jewels, was once the home of the Royal Family and even served as a prison. Take a picture in front of this recognizable and historical monument to truly highlight the history of this important city.

6. Gazing Up at the Intimidating Shard – In 2012, construction of this skyscraper was completed. Immediately, it became the tallest building in the European Union. You can take a picture from the street gazing up at its height, or you can visit the observation deck on the 72nd floor for a view of the entire city. This modern architectural marvel cannot be missed.

7. A Wide View of Parliament – Take a trip across the bay to capture a world-famous view of Parliament. Housing the oldest representative assembly in the world, this building has been used to evaluate current, and enact new, legislation for decades. While there are ways to photograph this iconic building, the wide view from across the bay is arguably the most stunning.

Prepare Yourself—and Your Camera!

Preparing for a trip to London begins by purchasing airfare and deciding upon your travel itinerary. Consider both the price of the tickets and the total traveling time. Additionally, it is wise to book your lodgings in London several months before your visit. Remember, this city is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and hotels can run out of rooms quickly. Once these arrangements have been made, ensure your camera is in excellent working order. Keep with you cleaning accessories, a case and additional lenses to have a worry-free photography experience.


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  1. I would love to head to London. I was offered a chance to go to Europe next year but i am not sure if it will still be happening. If it does I think we will stay two days in London so I will have to snag these shots.

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