Look Who Decided To Visit Us!

I was a little hesitant about the idea of having an elf from the North Pole visit us, but we decided to write Santa a letter anyways.

I would like to introduce you all to Charlotte, one of Santa’s helper elves. My daughter actually found her hiding in the freezer the morning after Thanksgiving. Of course they love the cold, they live in the North Pole.

Santa sent her to us to help us celebrate the holiday’s with a little mischief, fun, and magic. See, each night before the girls go to bed, we lay her down in the kitchen with some crackers and ice water. This is her favorite nightly snack because it helps her remember home – the crackers sound like crunching snow and the ice water is like melted snowflakes from the North Pole. Then, we sprinkle her with some of the North Pole Snowflakes that she brought along with her.

While we sleep, she likes to wake up and have a little fun around the house. Santa’s elves loves to play games, hide, get into your things, and a ton more Elfcapades I’m sure we will see from us in the next month.

Charlotte turned the milk blue!

Someone has a sweet tooth!

She is quite the artist!

Sadly, they don’t get to visit with us forever. On Christmas Eve, Santa must gather up all his elves to help him with his travels and helping deliver all the toys. But, Santa did already let the girls know that she would come back again next year to see us, and every year after that.

What kinds of other Elfcapades do you think our elf Charlotte can get into?


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