How to Easily Clean Kids Toys with Vinegar #HeinzVinegar

School has been in session for a couple of months now, play dates are moving indoors, and the littlest two attend the child-watch at the gym weekly, which means my kiddos are bringing home those kid germs, like it’s nobody’s business. With three kids, at least one of them always has a runny nose or another one of those pesky cold symptoms.

That’s why it’s especially important to try and keep their toys clean and germ free as much as possible. I have found, that with many of their toys and especially their Barbies, I can easily wash them all in either the dishwasher or with a cleaning spray.

We try and keep our cleaning solutions healthy and safe for not only our girls, but our dog too. Plus, you got to keep it “green” for environment, right? It’s so simple, just to use vinegar.

Over the weekend, we took a trip over to Walmart. We needed to pick up a few things, including some more vinegar, since we ran out of our last bottle. You can see our fun shopping trip pics over on my Google+ page.

Anyways, they had quite a selection to choose from, but what really stood out to me was Heinz Cleaning Vinegar.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, Cleaning Vinegar, Clean Kids Toys with Vinegar, use vinegar to clean kids toys

What I like about vinegar, is that it is safe. You can use it throughout your home to clean laundry, surfaces, and even your produce.

Since going Paleo, we have been buying a ton more produce, and I have found that it is easiest to come home from our shopping trip, and wash all of it in the sink with vinegar and water.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, Cleaning Vinegar, Clean Kids Toys with Vinegar, use vinegar to clean kids toys

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is a cost-effective alternative to harsh cleaners and chemicals, which is also important. Especially if you like to clean often. Which I really don’t, but with having children, I still do.

Have you ever tried using vinegar to clean your children’s toys?

It’s really quite easy. You load up the dishwasher with anything that is plastic or rubber. Make sure not to put anything that uses batteries though. Then just add in 1 1/2 – 2 cups of vinegar and wash.

 That’s it!

Clean your kids toys in the dishwasher with vinegar! #HeinzVinegar

For those toys that can not be put into the dishwasher, you can create a Citrus Infused All-Purpose Cleaner. It can easily be used to spray and wipe down the bigger toys, or wooden ones.

Either way, it helps to clean your toys periodically, to eliminate germs in the home and keep our kiddos from getting sick.

Do you use vinegar at home? If so, what for?


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  1. Interesting article on the power of Vinegar as a natural cleaner, I didn’t know you could use it in your dishwasher .. the items not only come out hygienic cleaned but smell of Chips

  2. Love the dishwasher, I am always using wipes to clean the toys.. never thought of using the dishwasher.. Woot! Thank you for sharing

  3. Huh, never would have thought of putting toys in the dishwasher. I want to try this new cleaning vinegar though.

  4. Maybe this is a dumb question, but how to you put the vinegar in the dishwasher? That much certainly wouldn’t fit in the soap holder. Do you just pour inside on the bottom?

  5. Do the toys smell like vinegar afterwards? I have been looking at ways to clean all the toys easier and this looks perfect. How often do you wash the toys?

  6. I use vinegar and baking soda in the potty– (let it set for a few, give it a swish, and flush!) I microwave a cup of vinegar for 2 minutes to create “vinegarry” steam in there… then stuck on gunk just wipes away. I have a spray bottle of vinegar, dawn dish soap, & water in the shower for quick spraydowns after a shower to keep it fresh and scum free. There’s not much the magical stuff can’t do!

  7. I use a combo of regular vinegar and water to clean my kitchen cabinets. It also works well on leather furniture. Take a slightly dampened rag and wipe down sofas or other leather furniture.

  8. Thanks for the vinegar anad dishwasher advice. Now I have another reason for bugging hubby for a dishwasher as I clean the toys at our church.

  9. I use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle to wash my fruits and veggies. I read in several places that it removes over 90% of the pesticides so I use it every time. Thank you for the great tips. Take care. :)

  10. What a nice idea! I use bicarb soda with vinegar to clean my stove. Vinegar is so useful. i will try the brand. Thank you.

  11. I love cleaning with vinegar! A quick money saving tip though, you’d be better off buying the regular strength vinegar and diluting it yourself. In your picture, it shows the cleaning vinegar priced higher than the regular. You’re paying more for watered down product and a label that states “cleaning.” By buying the regular strength bottle, you can stretch that to about 4 big bottles of “cleaning vinegar” depending on the ratio you use. I generally do 1/4 vinegar and the rest water.

  12. I hope no one judges me for this but I’m just wondering when you mentioned “Then just add in 1 1/2 – 2 cups of vinegar and wash.” where exactly do you add the vinegar into? The soap department, pour it into the bottom then press start, or let it sit in the cup on the rack with the toys? Thanks!

    • No worries, Bec! There’s really no way to mess this part up. You can add some to the dispenser, or to the bottom of the dishwasher. I’ve also just left it in the cup too. Either way, it will get mixed around in there.

  13. I wash our furbabies toys, water bowls, etc in the dishwasher every week. Cleans them wonderfully and keep them healthy. Will have to try the vinegar on them and see how that does. Thanks for the tip! Vinegar rocks!

  14. This is a great tip! Thanks for sharing! As well as some if the other uses mentioned above, I also use vinegar in my washing machine in place of liquid fabric softener!

  15. Any vinegar will do as long as it’s at least. 5 percent acetic acid. I use it undiluted for cleaning everything in my home including our laundry.

  16. I own a Preschool and day care in my home and have been doing this with toys for a decade or more. I use mesh laundry bags to hold the smaller toys like duplos and legos , it makes loading and unloading easy and reduces risk of things falling to floor of dishwasher. In addition many toys can go through top loading clothes-washer.

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