Barbie ZipBin Dream House Toybox & Playmat

I have three beautiful girls, who just adore anything girly. Yes, that even includes the classic girl toy, Barbie. Every time we are at the store, they almost always find at least one Barbie doll they just absolutely must have. Right…

Of course, being the wonderful mother I am, I joke, I do often cave in and get them each a new Barbie doll. Not often though, because almost half of the ones they already have are missing feet, hands, or even arms. Why? Because we have a dog. We tell the girls, literally all the time, to put their toys and dolls away, so our dog Charlie won’t get a hold of them.

A great way for our oldest to keep all her Barbie dolls and accessories together nicely is the Barbie Zipbin Dream House Toybox, which serves as a play-mat and for storing everything when not playing with them.

For less then $20, you can pick up a Barbie Zipbin Dream House Toybox & Playmat for your little one. Have boys, or not into Barbie? They also have a whole selection of themed bins to choose from.

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  1. Very cute and you don’t have to worry about any pinch points for the little toddlers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw these on Amazon last week. I actually saw a car and a dinosaur one. I loved reading the review because I was thinking these would make good Christmas gifts so it great to know you liked it!
    (I think my girls could fill several of these up with Barbies!)

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