How to automatically add in a caption for Pinterest Photos

I am sure this is no secret, but I have found many people still don’t do it. When I am surfing the Internet or even on Pinterest and come across something worth “pinning”, I don’t always have the patience to type in what it is, in the comment area.

I usually just highlight the wording I want like this, then hit “Pin It”.

I have found an even easier way though!

When you upload your photo on to your blog, simply label the photo with what you would want the pin to say. After the “pinner” clicks which photo they want to pin, the wording will automatically be in the comment box.

Here is an example (Just click to photo to see it bigger!):

When uploading a photo change the TITLE of the photo to what you want it to say for Pinterest.

Notice when I hoover over the photo, you can see the text. 

After hitting my “Pin It” button and choosing the bottom photo,
my create pin box popped up JUST LIKE THAT!

Just a little Pinterest tip I have learned that saves everyone some time!

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In 2010, Hanan went from talking about her parenting ups & downs on private forums to discussing them with literally everyone on the internet with her blog Eat.Craft.Parent - since then, she’s had the opportunity to talk about parenting, cooking, photography, marriage, crafts, faith, and so much more. She also shares her opinions on everyday products from food to baby gear, and everything in between. With four little girls all under seven, there is never a dull moment in their home. When she’s not blogging she’s chatting about parenting and life in general on Facebook and Twitter, or wasting way too much time on Pinterest.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Woohoo! I had no clue how to do this. Thanks!
    Cassie recent post: New Disney Junior Series about the 7 Dwarfs

  2. Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Maria recent post: An “off” week

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m still such a pinterest newbie – but this is so helpful! THanks!
    Rachel recent post: How I Keep My Daughter Modest (Frugal Tip!)

  4. Andrea Kruse says:

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
    Andrea Kruse recent post: Project 365 – The Perfect Shade

  5. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the great tip! I love how easy this is too :)
    Andrea recent post: Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge {recipe}

  6. thanks! I needed that. I found you on Pinterest.
    Malika Bourne recent post: Toxic Stone Soup: Immunization Controversy

  7. Sarah says:

    Useful!! Thanks xo

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