Making Weight Loss Fun!

Losing weight can be hard, time consuming and down right boring. But it does not have to be! You can make weight loss fun with these easy tips.

Start a weight loss challenge with your friends or co-workers. Make losing weight a friendly competition. Have everyone chip in a small amount of money into the winner’s pot. Whoever loses the largest percentage of weight wins the challenge and the money! Remember, it could be you!

Make exercising a game. You can play tag with your children, jump on a trampoline, ride a bide or go hiking on a nature trail. Each time you do a certain activity, time yourself and try to go longer each time. Reward yourself when you reach your goal time of exercising with a new piece of clothing or a night out. You can even buy exercise games for certain game consoles. Beat your high scores!

Join weight loss forums to support others trying to lose weight. In turn, they will support you. You can even give some advice on things that work for you and take advice from others on what works from them. What’s more fun than making new online friends to give and receive support when you need it!

Make your favorite activities a work out! Maybe you like to swim, shop, clean your home, or play with your dog. All of those activities burn calories when done a certain amount of time. If you like to swim, try and swim longer each time you go to build up endurance. When you go shopping, park as far away from the mall as you can and walk around the mall until you are physically tired. But remember to buy yourself something as a reward. You can make just about any activity burn calories! Even watching TV can help you burn calories if you do some strength training like crunches or squats while you do it.

These are just a few ways you can make weight loss fun. There are many other options depending on your likes. Do what you like for exercising and eat healthy food you like. You will surely succeed!

Megan is the owner and author at She is currently on her weight loss journey and enjoys helping others lose weight and lead healthier lives.

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  1. I especially like tip about making exercise fun. We turn the music up loud to sing & dance around the house until we work up a sweat. It doesn’t feel like exercise that way.

  2. I have to make exercise fun or I will not stick with it. One of my favorites was to do indoor rock climbing! So much fun.

  3. I never thought losing weight could be fun, but now that I’m back at work after a 7 year break, I think challenging some coworkers could be fun.


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