Five Years Ago Today.

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It was five years ago today, that my life changed for the better. Because, five years ago today I gave birth to my first child, Carleigh.

These past five years have been absolutely incredible and memorable with her. Every single milestone has been not only exciting, but as a parent I am always over joyed and proud at the little things she says and does.

When I became a mom, I had no idea how to care for a child, let alone all the little things that follow. I am so thankful though, to have my husband who has been my partner in not only teaching our girls the “basics”, but is alos there to teach them about important things like kindness, manors, how to solve life problems, and make good decisions.

Almost two years ago, I wrote a post about my favorite milestones. So much has happened and changed in the past couple of years, that we have created many new ones, and continue to each day.

One of her biggest milestones, at least for me was starting pre-school.

As much as I would love to home school her or my other girls, for my family and myself it’s just not the best. I really truly believe (especially Carleigh) they need to learn from others, and to be around other children their age. Of course we still do things at home with her, buy her main education has come from outside the home.

When she started preschool, she was only 3.5 years old. She hardly knew her alphabet and besides play dates here and there, did not have real social interaction with other children and peers. This was the first time in her life, that I was leaving her in the hands of others (besides family), with me not around. For me, that was scary.

Her teachers, have been more then amazing though. I won’t go into a whole long list of what she has accomplished in the past couple of years, but I will say she is absolutely more then Kindergarten ready. This girl is smart.

What’s even more amazing to me, is her compassion. She loves people. She makes friends easily, and is always wanting to help her friends. She is caring and loving with both her sisters, and is always trying to be the “big helper” sister at home.

Her personality and character as a whole is just incredible. When you talk to her, you don’t feel like you’re talking to a five year old. You feel like you’re talking to a little adult. Of course with the sass and all. It reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. I remember being told that I had an old soul. She gets that from me, I guess.

I am so very proud of all the accomplishments she has made over the past couple of years in preschool. I am so excited to watch even more as she grows older, and as she starts elementary school this fall.

Happy Birthday Carleigh!



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  1. Aaah, how the time flies, right? If you think pre-school made for good memories, wait until kindergarten. You will have such a ball with Carleigh. Now about that sass….

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