Boogie Snatcher Review and #Giveaway

I kid you not, if I hadn’t recently seen the Boogie Snatcher online, I would have invented one myself.

I. can. not. stand boogers. I don’t know what it is, but I freak out every time one of my girls have a booger. Obviously, as they get older, they can start to blow their noses. But between newborn to two years old is the hardest.

Just recently Athena became really congested. That’s when I start to do the steps for when a baby has a cold, like saline solution and the nose sucker. Which is all good, until they start to feel better and all that snot starts to harden. That’s when the Boogie Snatcher is more then super helpful.

“You never want to cause your baby pain or discomfort, but there were no good ways to remove hard, dried-up mucous from my newborn’s nose. I had to either wait for it to come out, suction it with an invasive aspirator or even attempt to use an object like a q-tip or fingernail. All of those methods are uncomfortable for babies and frustrating for moms,” said Jurans. “The Boogie Snatcher makes it easy for moms to keep their babies comfortable and happy, which is what makes moms comfortable and happy.”

The tip is rounded and really soft plastic, so I know it’s not going to hurt her. If I try and use my pinky finger to get a booger out, I risk cutting her with my nail, which I have done before. With a q-tip, you can’t grab at the booger, so you have to kind of sweep it around the nose, which can easily just cause them to get pushed back into the nose more.

As awesome as the Boogie Snatcher is, it does not prevent babies from crying and squirming. She still dislikes me trying to get them, but it does make it quicker at catching them.

You can purchase a Boogie Snatcher online for $7.95, or two for $12.95 (which saves you a few dollars). Would be handy to have one on the diaper table and one in the diaper bag. Or makes a great baby shower gift!

Boogie Snatcher was invented by moms, for moms.  Let’s help support mom businesses! Learn more at

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  1. Wow! I am also a booger hater. Even as a kid, I couldn’t believe that other kids would EAT boogers! EEEeew! I am a nurse and I can deal with a lot of really icky things but the ONLY time I almost threw up when helping a patient involved a big booger. Yep, I’d rather wipe a bottom that clean up boogers.

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