USPS Closures, results in thousands losing their job

Growing up, I very much looked forward to getting the mail each day. Almost like a receiving a gift. Well, at least until those “gifts” came with a “You owe us this amount.” Then not so much.

Unfortunately, for the past couple of years, you may have heard that the United States Postal Service is slowly losing their amount of business.

Over the past decade, most businesses and company’s soon switched from paper statements and bills to online statements and bills sent directly to your email. Which is honestly more convenient and “green”. With the change, also came the option of online credit card processing or Bill Pay.

I have had the same set of checks in my wallet for over a year now, because it is so very rare we need them anymore.

Besides the increase in the online payment system throughout the US, we have also seen a decrease in holiday cards and letters being mailed too. Remember getting all those Christmas cards? Well now-a-days we have seen less cards in the mail and more E-cards or even just a Facebook Post to friends and family.

“The replacement of letter mail and business-transaction mail by electronic alternatives continues to cause downward pressure on mail volume.” -USPS

As much as it is more convenient for us, thousands of USPS workers are losing their jobs because of it.

What are some ways you can help?

  • Cancel one or more of our online bill payments, opting to mail in a payment or two. This will require the purchase of just one or two stamps, at least.
  • Send at least one letter a month to a friend or family member. Stock up on those holiday cards!
  • Purchase your mailing supplies through your local post office or at If you have ever been to the post office, you know that they offer cards, boxes, tape, and other supplies.
Just think of how much these easy ideas would greatly help.


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  1. I really have a great post office near me and I love everyone there. I would hate to see anyone lose their job. This past Christmas was our first ever one and we mailed Christmas cards! Nothing replaces things you can hold and cherish, not even Facebook.

  2. I try and send holiday cards Every holiday. Fisherprice has print out pages for St. Patrick’s day, Easter and the rest and I have Logan send them and I put pictures in them to keep current. There’s about 20 people each time. I LOVE sending mail. We do our part, I would Hate to see the Post Office close. :(

  3. I love getting and sending “fun” mail, but I can’t agree with opting out of online bill pay for paper bills. It’s such a huge waste of paper (especially when they get sent more than once)…I already feel like we’re fighting an endless war on paper in this house and it’s not helping the environment at all.

    However, doing things like mailing in registrations and surveys…things that have already been printed and sent to you rather than doing them online could help. Sending pictures and letters to relatives makes a lot of sense. If you’ve got young children, it might be fun for them to send pictures they made or letters they wrote to Grandma or a favorite Aunt. Pen Pals are a great way for older children to work on spelling and penmanship and are great fun. There’re so many ways to send mail that are more fun and less blatantly wasteful, in my opinion. Especially if you purchase papers/cards that are made out of renewable resources or recycled materials.

  4. I don’t think I would want to stop my online bill paying because I already have so much paper clutter around the house. It is also better for the environment to conserve and not use the paper. Like you, I love receiving mail so I would hate for the post office to close. I also hate for people to lose their jobs. However, I have noticed that the postal service has gone downhill in the last few years and that is not helping their business at all.

    I always rip up the credit card solicitation offers and mail them back to the companies in the postage paid envelopes. Hopefully that helps some and it makes me feel better too!

  5. It makes me so sad that the USPS is slowly dwindling out. I have always LOVED getting mail and I still get excited every day when the mail comes, haha! Although I understand why people are sending less mail than they used to, the PO is still critical for a lot of reasons and I’m concerned about what will happen if/when it goes the way of the dinosaur.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I was greatly disappointed when one of our area post offices closed down. It was located in our local mall, which made it incredibly convenient for running that errand with the kids in tow. We could go to the mall for the morning, walk around, get the stuff we needed at Target (also attached to the mall) and drop off our mail — and not have to make a million different stops to get there.

    My grandma and I are pen pals. She loves getting mail (as do I) and for the past several years we’ve written back and forth just to keep in touch and to brighten each other’s day. It’s been a really neat way to connect with her when we live so far away and only get to see her a couple times a year, if we’re lucky.

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