How to tell if your child is color blind.

Every time, after we found out we were pregnant, the one thing we asked God for, was for a safe pregnancy, and a happy and healthy child. Thankfully, each time, we have been blessed with both.

One thing, that is not visible from birth though, is colorblindness. Obviously, at that young of age, they can’t tell you what they see, and until they know their colors, you’re pretty much clueless. Color blindness can be hereditary. So if you or your spouse is color blind, then your kids have more of a chance of being color blind as well.

I honestly never even thought to check my girls for it, until I saw this pin on Pinterest, for a colorblind test for children.

It’s a simple, non-medical test for red-green colorblindness in children. It uses animals for the test, so I would say it’s for kids 3 and older.

You can also use this colorblind test with numbers, but my girls have tend to know animals before numbers.

At almost 5 years old, Carleigh very much knows her colors. Kendall, sometimes says Pink or Blue, but not always correctly. So I plan on using this test with her and eventually with Athena.

Have you ever tested your child(ren) for colorblindness?

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  1. I just tested Logan, honestly I was worried. He saw more than I did, or at least understood what they were supposed to be :) So, I feel better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m actually REALLY glad you posted this and just tested my almost 3 year old. I know he’s young but color blind DOES run in the family and he does not understand 1 color no matter how much we’ve worked with him. He could at least point to all of the animals so that made me happy! :)

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