Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Day Pretzels

Not a baker? Don’t worry! Even you can’t mess these up. Well, hopefully…

All you need is three simple ingredients.

  • Chocolate Chips
  • pretzels
  • sprinkles

Lay some wax paper down on a baking sheet (or the counter).

Simply melt down the chocolate chips on LOW on the stove top while stirring often. If you heat them up too quickly, they will burn. Yes, I have done it before. After the chocolate chips are melted, take your pretzels and dip them half in.

Arrange them on the baking sheet, sprinkle them, and let them cool down for a couple of hours. Or if you are like us, eat them right away!

See…super easy right? You could even put 6-8 of them in a little baggie for Valentine’s Day treat!


Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Day Pretzels


  1. Love these! They are something even I could probably do. :-) I wish I could make treats for the kids’ classes at school…I would definitely whip up some of these!

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