Thank heaven for baby carriers!

Baby girl is now three weeks old. Three. Weeks. Old. Oh my goodness.

Can we say time goes by way too freaking fast?

It does.

Well, I just have to say, these three past weeks have been so much easier thanks to both my Moby & Britax baby carriers. I use my Moby Wrap every single morning I take my oldest to Preschool. For one, I have all three kiddos with me, and using my wrap frees up my hands to hold Kendall or sign my oldest into school.

When we’re out and about at the store and what not, I use the Britax Baby Carrier I received last month. Which sits in the car when needed.

If you haven’t tried baby wearing or are pregnant and thinking about it…do it! I’m telling you, it makes the world of difference being able to free up your hands and knowing they will sleep forever in it when your holding them.



  1. Aww, congratulations! I loved baby wearing with my two little ones, but you’re right… it comes in very handy on the younger kids, especially, so you can still be a mom to the older ones. Love those sweet photos!

  2. I used a baby carrier for as long as my little one would let me… it was awesome! I’d never have it another way! And, we never, ever had to carry a bulky stroller around.

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