Sometimes a small and simple birthday get together is the way to go!

So last week we celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Just a small get together with some family for dinner and cupcakes. As much fun as I have planning birthday parties, this year we thought small and simple would just be better.

Right now, she absolutely LOVES baby dolls. A true girly girl. So I knew the perfect gift for her would be a “dolly” as she calls them.

She opened her birthday present, to find a Sporty girl Cabbage Patch Kid from the Fashionalities line. Love how light weight their dolls are and how simple they are. She was so excited, as you can see in the photo above (sorry for the blurriness). Of course now she has to sleep with her dolly every night and gets mad if Carleigh tries to take it from her. Plus, our dog got a hold of the CPK doll’s shoes and chewed on the strap, but Kendall doesn’t care. Even if the doll is only wearing her shirt right now.

After presents, we had cupcakes that I made. Thanks to Betty Crocker of course and my oldest daughter for helping me decorate them! Since I wasn’t really in the mood to bake, but they still turned out great. Since I kind of waited to the last minute on whether or not I was going to order a cake or just make cupcakes. A couple of days before I went on Etsy and found these adorable printable Monkey theme cupcake toppers. Kendall loves monkey’s so they ended up being perfect and for a few dollars added in a little something for her.

Overall, it was perfect. And yes, I know she won’t even remember it, but I will. Plus, she will have to get used to sharing her birthday with another sister. Who FYI, is now 5 days overdue!! Stubborn little girl ;)


Disclosure: I would like to thank Cabbage Patch Kids for providing me with the product mentioned above. No other compensation was received, and my opinions are 100% my own. Full Disclosure here.


  1. Hi Hanan! Looks like a fun birthday celebration with Kendall! Nice job pulling it off (no matter how small and simple) with the baby 5 days past due!!! Praying that baby will come out soon and join your family and for a smooth delivery! Maybe you’ll have a Christmas baby!? So excited for you!

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