Mommy Necklaces Review & Giveaway

I remember nursing Kendall, and right around four months old, nursing started slowly turning from a quite peaceful routine to more of play time. Of course by the time she was a year old, trying to get her to stop moving all over and focus was even more of a challenge.

My plan this time around is to nurse this baby as well, and thanks to Mommy Necklaces, I hope that I can help baby be a little less distracted and maybe just a little more focused.

I was recently sent a Nourish Necklace from Mommy Necklace. Their signature nursing necklace for feeding time fiddlers.

Inspired by nursing babies. Unique eye-catching and hand-catching design.  An appealing necklace for those babies who love to fiddle and twiddle. Little black dress worthy? Probably not.  A must-have accessory for an innocently pinched mom? YES!

Mommy Necklaces are offered in more than twenty trendy color combinations, known as collections.  Our collections are always evolving and changing with today’s current fashion trends.  Within each collection, you will find even more choice.  Our unique line of necklaces allows you to choose a pendant, or to go without; to opt for chunky, dimensional beads, or for a sleeker shape; to add layer upon layer, or to shine in a single strand.  Style with definition or style with dimension, the choice is yours.

All Mommy Necklaces are guaranteed from breakage, made from high-quality USA-manufactured acrylic beads, and lab-tested for safety. They are super light weight, that you hardly feel like your wearing it. The snap on clasp is perfect too, so if your child pulls on the necklace too hard, it will simply unsnap without breaking.

What I love most about the Nourish Necklace are the colors. They are vibrant and bold to keep the attention of your little one, as well as coordinate with many outfits! I’m not a big jewelry person, but I love chunky necklaces. And for only $22, the price is just right.

If the Nourish Necklace is not your style, check out many of the other collections available from Mommy Necklaces. All available online or at a local retailer.

In honor of our November Baby Shower Event, one lucky reader will win a Mommy Necklace too. Enter to win below!

Disclosure: I would like to thank Mommy Necklaces for providing me with the product mentioned above. No other compensation was received, and as always my opinions are completely my own. Full Disclosure here.


  1. Our daughter Katie called last night to share some wonderful news. She is expecting after 6 years of trying. What a blessing!!
    Dangling Donuts would be my choice, but if I win I would let Katie choose. Thanks.

  2. So… you have given me an impossible task… I can’t figure out which MN I would want most. As I type my daughter is painfully grabbing at her “bottle” {ahem! that would be ma boob} and I am seriously drooling over the necklaces. If I HAVE to choose, I’d want the Vogue long necklace. If I win I will kiss your blog. :)

  3. I simply LOVE the Nourish Necklace! I love the great color and length; and its just perfect for what my little boy needs to keep his attention right where it needs to be. Thx so much!!!

  4. I am not a mom but I am a babysitter of infants-12 yrs old and in my opinion you need to wean them by at the longest two years, because they are less likely to eat real food and when they do it will be SOOOOO much harder on their digestive systems, also they don’t learn how to self soothe very well. I have also noticed that babies nursed beyond 2 years have trouble understanding that breasts are “private parts” because they see them as food so they have a harder time grasping that concept. Also I have noticed babies nursed beyond 2 years will go around the house screaming in tantrums if they don’t get to nurse in that moment, so if you don’t mind that then more power to you. But in my opinion babies that aren’t nursed past 2 years have less GI problems,and are able to self soothe better and are more apt to eat real foods. Well that’s my two cents on it, hope I could help :)

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