You know that saying “Everything happens for a reason”?

Well it’s definitely true!

This time last year, they had a management position open at my husband’s work. He applied for it and sadly did not get it. Well guess what happened? The guy they hired, did not last very long and they re-opened that same position. Once again he applied for it. And, once again he did not get it.

The first time really bummed us out, because we both knew how much he deserved that job and how hard he had been working there. The second time pretty much pissed us off.

Believe it or not, yet again, the guy they hired did not work out this time either. You would think they would have figured it out by now right? Well they did. The third time he decided, that THEY lost the chance to have him doing that job. The manager even asked him why he hadn’t applied that time, because they wanted to hire him (pretty much what he said). Well, guess what? You snooze and you lose!

Fast forward to about three months ago, I wrote about how my husband got an email about a job opening at a local company, doing pretty much what he already does but for a LOT more pay.

Well, he unfortunately did not get it.

Of course we were both pretty bummed about it.

Then literally out of the blue one night last week, he received a phone call from the boss over at this company. They had another opening and wanted HIM to take it!

We are absolutely thrilled!

This is that “break” we have been waiting for, for a long time! I am so very proud of my husband and he totally deserves this.

See…everything happens for a reason!


  1. Oh finally! I’m glad things are working in your favor for once and it’s good to know all the disappointments lead up to something great!

    • Also, I’m an avid believer in everything happens for a reason and good things come to those who wait :)

  2. Hi Hanan,
    That’s a wonderful story! I also fervently believe in that saying. I’ve read once that if a thing that we want badly doesn’t come to us immediately, then God is cooking something better for us.
    Congrats to your husband for getting that job offer and I wish him success. Thanks for sharing your story. Have a nice day!

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