Pregnancy Halloween Costume Idea

So once a month I get together for Bunko with some friends. This month theme was of course costumes for Halloween! I literally waited to the last minute to think of what to wear. Being 32 weeks pregnant, dressing up like a hoochie mama is out of the question (not that I would anyways!), plus I don’t have any previous costumes laying around my closet.

I googled online.

I asked on Facebook.

I asked on Twitter.

Still nothing.

Finally I came across one I knew I could whip up last minute and it would still be a cute Pregnancy Halloween Costume.

Halloween '08

A magic 8 ball! I dressed up in all black and printed out a black number 8 on white paper that I cut into a circle and taped onto my stomach. I think it would be cute to add a “Maybe” sign onto your back too.

Of course I didn’t get a picture of me though.

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