Fooz Kids – Safe Online Game Playing for Kids!

Growing up as a child watching TV was a joy to us. Today, not so much. Because of technology, kids not only have just TV to watch, but they also have computers.

I did not even have a computer until I was in High School and yet my four year old already knows how to use it and play on the computer. Insane right?

Well if your a parent like myself and do allow your kids to play online games, but don’t want the hassle of constantly watching over their shoulders to make sure they aren’t clicking on anything bad or even finding the time to search for games for them to play then I highly recommend Fooz Kids.

Of course Fooz Kids is geared for KIDS, with over 100,000 games, videos, books, and featured websites all available for ages 2-11. It’s a child friendly browser that allows them to explore their little hearts away, yet allows you the parent to control everything!

And I mean everything! From which games and videos they can watch, add in websites you want, read emails they send to friends, who they are friends with, how they are spending their time. There also include security features like no ad’s allowed and password only exit which are a plus too!

How would you like to download Fooz Kids for FREE to try out? Let me know what you think!

Disclosure: I want like to thank Fooz Kids for providing me with the products mentioned above to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received, and my opinions are completely my own. Full Disclosure here.


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