#WeightlossWednesday:Week 1

So a few days ago I told you that I will be participating in Mojo Mama’s Weightloss Wednesday! I’m so excited to have you guys as my support team, and I really couldn’t ask for better. So basically, I will give you updates every Wednesday about my weight, goals, food, how I am feeling, and my couch-to-5k !

I figure, I can’t afford the gym and running is the simplest form of exercise, and like Devan said, NO EXCUSES!!

Starting Weight: 218 (1/05)
Current Weight: 218


• Lose 60 lbs.
• Drink 36 oz of water every day  & learn to cook healthy meals.
• Run a 5k by 2012.
• Tone up!

My diet plan is a low calorie (approx 1800 a day), fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy carbs! I recently bought a 400 calorie fix recipe book that I am looking forward to using often.

I’m hoping to start couch-to-5k today! Most likely repeat week 1 again next week. =P

I won’t lie this will be a HUGE challenge for me. I have been over weight my entire life. I know I will never be skinny, and I don’t want to be. I love my curves. I want to be healthy, feel healthy, and look good. 


  1. Ooh, maybe I should do the 5k thing with you! I mean, with us only living 20 minutes apart, why not??? It'll be some work, but it would SO be worth it!
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  2. Good for you! Wish the weather was better, and I would join you for walks outside. Maybe I should train for a 5K. Should we all sign up for one together?

  3. Ya know? I read this yesterday and don't know why I didn't leave a comment then. Oh well – a day late is better than not at all – right? :) Thanks for stopping by my new blog. :) I'm with you on the curves – lets keep 'em but just tone 'em up a bit! :) I'm excited to follow along with your journey. We can do this! :)
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  4. Good Luck on your journey! I have always done calorie counting/watching for my preferred way of losing weight. I know it can be tough some days, but you can do it!

    Same as you a gym is not an option. I do like the Walk at Home DVDs by Lesle Sansone (rent at library for free). I use a stationary bike and Kinect.

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