SmartyRents Promo Code

Besides maybe my kids {or younger then 5} Most children today now have a video game system of their own. Which is kind of crazy, but awesome at the same time with all the educational software out there. To purchase a single game can get kind of pricey after time. This is where Smarty Rents comes in.

For only a small fee, you can select games to be sent directly to your house every month. When they are done {or bored} with the games, simply send them back and get more! How cool is that?

Memberships are:

1 game at a time = $9.99 a month
2 games at a time = $14.99 a month
3 games at a time = $19.99 a month
4 games at a time = $24.99 a month

They have games for all these systems…

Purchase a monthly membership at or purchase a gift certificate for someone else! NEW CUSTOMERS can use Promo Code: smart9 to receive ONE MONTH FREE!

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